About Us


Global Barrels Industries, previously called Tiong Gee Industries is a leader in used drums reconditioning services. We are an NEA licensed Toxic Waste Collector and we collect, recycle and offer a full line of reconditioned steel and plastic drums and IBC Tote tanks.

Instead of buying expensive new drums, you can save up to half the price of a new drum or IBC by buying reconditioned drums & IBC. Our excellent drums quality is unmatchable by others and we are highly regarded by many customers from solvent, chemical & oil industries in Singapore.

With our reconditioned drums, you will be surprise to find out that reconditioned drums can be as good as new!

Our reconditioned drums & IBC tote tanks are suitable for the following application:

  • Solvents (IPA, Methanol, Xylene, Toulene, BA, CA, EA, MC, White Spirit etc.)
  • Oil (Diesel, Petrol, Lubricants, Engine, Hydraulic, Base, Transmission Fluid, Additives, Waste Oil etc.)
  • Other Chemicals (Acids, Alkaline, Latex, Glycol, Washing Detergents, Coolants, Resins, Paints etc.)
  • Miscellaneous (Anti-piracy, Incense burners, Rubbish Bins, Floats, Storage etc.)
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